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What is Syncro?

An innovative European project to develop a smart road system, from road/car sensors to smart data collection. A new business opportunity for SMEs to access a transnational tender. The project is co-funded by the EU Commission through CIP - Competitiveness Innovation Programme (Public procurement of innovation).

Which Expertise?

  1. innovative technologies (ITS) to foster smart and sustainable mobility
  2. innovative companies and research centres to test a medium/long term collaboration andexperiment smart mobility protocol.

Why Syncro?

  • to enhance the collaboration between enterprises and PP (Public Procurers) through dialogue, technology co-operation and contracting/public tendering
  • to achieve a transnational public procurement of innovative solutions promoting high tech ITS solutions.


Technology challenges

The aim of the project is to search for ITS solutions on real time collection, management, and return of road data, targeting:

  • road users, to improve the security and quality of their mobility
  • public procurers, to provide a more efficient traffic management systems.

Legal challenges

Companies and research centres got the opportuniy to get involved in an innovative EU competitive dialogues: Province of Torino and Department of Isère have enforced local creativity, innovation and technology requests aiming at common solutions and costs reduction in European ITS area.

Joining Syncro, Public Bodies will:

  • conciliate innovation processes and public procurement procedures in favour of enterprises
  • valorise ITS solution with IPR recognition at EU level.