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In this section you can find a list of partnership opportunities from EU. 
If you are interested in getting in contact with some of these companies, you can contact:

Turin Chamber of Commerce 
ALPS Consortium - Enterprise Europe Network
(Diego Albesano)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kim Dupont
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‘Serious games’ to plan mobility in urban area

An Italian university is searching for partners from university, research centres, willing to participate to an R&I project about urban mobility. The objective is to develop ‘serious games’ to plan mobility in urban area and engage major stakeholders. Therefore partners that can provide the opportunity to run case studies in different municipalities in Europe and that are confident with system analysis are sought. The funding program is Horizon 2020 – MG 4.5-2016.


Technology for real-time traffic routing on-line

A Swedish SME working with analysis software to optimize system timing and performance is developing a unique technology to anticipate delays in data networks (switched Ethernet), to predict interference levels (jitter). The company is looking for experts that could assist them in setting up a business strategy to implement the technology for real-time traffic routing on-line for Software Defined Networking (SDN). The company is interested in any kind of technical collaboration agreements.


Use of drones in public transport route planning

A small Polish company from ICT sector is looking for new technologies focused on using drones in modern cities: multimodal route planning – in order to improve dynamic passenger information systems by researching possibilities of using drones in public transport route planning and for gathering information about traffic and mass transport vehicles real time data.


Ergonomic traffic management system

A university from Latvia engaged in technical design and ergonomics has created a traffic management system for urban environment. The main aim of the system is to reduce accidents in crossroads, making them visible and easy understandable for drivers and pedestrians. University is interested in technical cooperation with research institutes and companies for further project development, as well as with municipalities interested to implement the ergonomic traffic management system.


Origin & Destination automatic traffic analysis system

A French company has developed an Origin & Destination automatic traffic analysis system. It helps to better manage traffic flow according to its category, reduce congestion and improve road safety in order to limit the impact on the environment. The French company is open to technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Smart LED lighting control node

A SME based in South Korea in the field of software solution specialized in smart devices has developed a smart LED lighting control node with wireless communication. The device supports full autonomous photocell functionality with sensor-drive LED. The device can be applied to smart city services. The possible types of partnership could be joint venture, commercial agreement with technological assistance and technical cooperation agreement.