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1. What is a competitive dialogue?
According to article 1 (point 11.C) of directive 2004/18/CE, a competitive dialogue is a procedure in which any economic operator may request to participate and whereby the contracting authority conducts a dialogue with the candidates admitted to that procedure, with the aim of developing one or more suitable alternatives capable of meeting its requirements, and on the basis of which the candidates chosen are invited to tender. The competitive dialogue can be used in case of particularly complex contracts.
A public contract is considered to be particularly complexwhere the contracting authorities:

  • are not objectively able to define the technical means capable of satisfying their needs or objectives, and/or
  • are not objectively able to specify the legal and/or financial makeup of a project.


2. What is a framework agreement?
A framework agreementis an agreement between one or more contracting authorities and one or more economic operators, the purpose of which is to establish the terms governing contracts to be awarded during a given period, in particular with regard to price and, where appropriate, the quantity envisaged.
In the case of Syncro, there will potentially be two orders launched: one for the pilot system, and another one to cover the implementation of the system on a portion of roads.


3. Which are the modalities to submit the application ?
As indicated in the last paragraph of the sectionVI.3 of the Syncro tender, candidates have to submit the application:

The applications cannot be submitted by e-mail or fax.


4. Is there any specific format to submit the application to the competitive dialogue phase ?
No, there is not a specific format, but you have to refer to the conditions indicated in the section III.2) of the Syncro tender.


5. Is there any participation fee for candidates selected to participate to the competitive dialogue phase ?
Yes, the fee and the conditions to obtain it will be indicated in the forthcoming application guidelines, specifically dedicated to the competitive dialogue phase.


6. What is the deadline to apply for Syncro competitive dialogue?
January 22nd, 2014 at 17:00 (French time).


7. Where can I download the Syncro’s functional programme?
It can be downloaded on the Conseil general de l’Isère website.
For the direct link : click here


8. What are the selection criteria for candidatures?
The candidates that will be invited to participate in the competitive dialogue will be selected according to the following selection criteria (given by hierarchy):

  1. professional ability and quality of the candidate as well as capacity to propose innovative high level technologies covering the aim of the project ;
  2. technical ability of the candidate;
  3. economic and financial standing of the candidate to carry out the projet (will be assessed quantitatively and qualitatively).


9. What do the awarding criteria mentioned in point IV.2.1) of the contract notice correspond to?
These criteria will be used, at the end of the competitive dialogue phase, to select the candidate the framework agreement will be awarded to. The awarded candidate will potentially have to supply the pilot system and the final system to be installed on a portion of roads.



10. In the contract notice it is mentioned, point III.2.1), that the candidate must declare that he is in none of the cases stipulated in article 43 of CMP (French code of public procurement). What does this refer to?

This article refers to the cases where the candidates can be excluded from the participation in a public contract. Any candidate or tenderer who has been the subject of a conviction by final judgment can be excluded from participation in a public contract. The candidates wishing to apply for the Syncro tender must provide a self-declaration saying that there are in none of these cases (a specimen can be downloaded on the Conseil general de l’Isere website : click here).


11. How will the economic and financial requirements be evaluated in case of a group of companies?
- Each economic operator of a group of companies will have to provide information and documents required concerning itself only (in case the economic operator is not in the position to produce a declaration attesting the global turnover and the turnover related with the services required in the tender, executed during the last three financial years available, it will have the possibility to provide any other document that can assess its financial requirements).
- On the basis of each document collected, the requirements of economic capacity will be evaluated globally on a group scale criterium.